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  • Dog Snuffle Mat
Dog Snuffle Mat

Dog Snuffle Mat

  • Stimulate Foraging Instinct ---- Hide food in the dog sniffle Mat and let your dog to find it out, It stimulates pet's foraging instinct and satisfies pet's senses
  • Interactive Puzzle Toys Mat ---- A great puzzle toy to cause dog's curiosity, motivate the dog's play interest, Exercised the dog's brain and meet their curiosity
  • Slow Eating ---- Prevent dogs from swallowing too much food at once and Help dogs to promote food digestion
  • Soft And Safe To Sniffle ---- High-quality completely safe material prevents red noses and friction from plastic food bowl, It is gentle on your pets sensitive face and body
  • Easy to Clean ---- The snuffle mat for dogs made of polar fleece which is durable and anti-pilling, the dog sniffing mat can be washed by machine



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