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  • Multifunctional Kitchen Storage Rack
Multifunctional Kitchen Storage Rack

Multifunctional Kitchen Storage Rack

  • The roll holder dispenser for cling film, foil and kitchen towel and stores freezer bags, tape and container for bag ties or clipsroll. Practical and stylish accent to any kitchen. Also it can be used in bathrooms, workplaces, in fact anywhere where you may need to hang paper towels or toilet tissue.
  • The cutter is included in the cutter to ensure cleanliness and distribution of plastic wrap and aluminum foil. The bottom bar is suitable for paper rolls with a length below 28cm. Easy to remove the paper roll. Just press the button and remove the bottom.
  • No more kitchen holder on your worktop, counter. Takes advantage of the unused wall space of your home making your home seem less cluttered. Great solution to neatly pair convenience with a stylish display.
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