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  •  Nap Sleeping Pillow
 Nap Sleeping Pillow

Nap Sleeping Pillow

  • STOP USING ARM AS A PILLOW: Is the arm and the cervical vertebrae sore? Then you don't have to suffer any longer. Our Nap Sleeping Face Pillow will help you solve this problem.
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIAL: Memory Foam, High density slow rebound inner core. Zero pressure for comfortable relaxation. Removable and washable Velvet Cover.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Size: 14.2”x9.8"x4.3". Hollow design allows for easy breathing and natural ventilation. Perfect for face down sleeping. L shape design to ease the arm pressure.
  • MULTIUSE: Great for office, library, home, travel. Tummy sleep, face down sleep and neck sleep. Many ways to remain comfortable.
  • GIVE YOU A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE: New breakthrough. Rest in a more relaxed state. Enjoy the benefits of a short and comfortable nap.



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